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Urban Dictionary ADULT Word of the Day! Adults only humor and education!

NO POOPING ALLOWED! image courtesy of Google Images.

Urban Dictionary Word: Poopsterbate

Poopsterbate: To simultaneously poop and masturbate. This phrase originated in a college dorm room.

“I heard Mark poopsterbating on the toilet last night.”

“Andy enjoys to poopsterbate.” 

“Want to watch me poopsterbate?” Stephen, the sick bastard, asked. 

You have now learned a brand new word! KUDOs! Try to incorporate the word “poopsterbate” in conversation! Once you have successfully shared in adult conversation, you must pass this new-found awesome word ON!
The following 2 articles may save you from a lot of stinky heartache! Read them if you want to #Survive the Bung Hole pandemic!
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Laney the Crohn's Warrior. Image courtesy of

Update on Laney’s Battles! Petition at end of article friends!

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Update on Laney’s Battles!
Laney and her Yorkie, Kia. These two are inseparable. Kia might as well have Crohn's disease as she spends hours everyday in the bathroom with Laney!
Laney and her Yorkie, Kia. These two are inseparable. Kia might as well have Crohn’s disease as she spends hours everyday in the bathroom with Laney!

Please, if you are a parent, please sign this petition. Marijuana is a diverse plant with MANY beneficial properties. My daughter is taking a dangerous chemo drug for her Crohn’s Disease. She is only 7. It will leave her sterile and further injure her liver. Please help her. Please help ALL Kansans with Chronic Illness and Pain without voices. Please sign this all important, historic petition. Stand and scream! Make your voices so loud that the House and Senate WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO US!

Part 2 of her story is here: Laney’s Story of Living with Crohn’s Disease.

Marijuana strains are rich in THC, or the “psychoactive component”. Some Marijuana strains are high the CBDs, the chemicals without…

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Landon and Laney Brown Belts 030

Laney the Crohn’s Warrior: Part 2. Please also SIGN the PETITION for Laney and for all chronically ill Kansans! Please, this Father begs you…written by Emery Myers

Laney TaeKwonDo Champion Second Chrons Warrior First
Crohn’s Disease Warrior First!!!         Laney is a Brown-Belt Taekwondo champion second!
Part 2 of Laney’s life and Crohn’s Disease. The story of a true champion. The story of Laney! Laney, the Crohn’s Warrior.
Warrior I Will Stay Strong I Will Fight I Will Win
Laney is presently bleeding inside. She bleeds through damaged areas in her large intestine. She is not in remission now, even though she takes Azothiaprine, 100miligrams per day. She is fighting… fighting pain, fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety, herself…at 7 years old! No 7-year-old should have to be subjected to this but Laney doesn’t think this way. She is positive and optimistic on the outside but I know she is terrified on the inside! She is just TOO TOUGH to let anyone smell the fear, the pain, deep inside her tiny, damaged tummy.
Azothiaprine DESTROYS Laney’s immune system. Why, you may ask does she take the drug then? It is the lesser of 2 evils at this time. Azothiaprine puts her immune system in a “head-lock”, if you will, preventing her tummy from being attacked, in specific, her gastrointestinal system.
The problem is, it is a very TOXIC chemical, continually damaging  her small master organ, her liver! Presently, Laney has lab drawn weekly to make sure her liver is tolerating the DRUG…the FDA approved Killer Drug. If this drug continues to cause problems, then Laney will be faced with intravenous chemotherapy, which increases her chances of various cancers to 11%! She is only 7…
Crohn’s is the WORST auto-immune disease affecting the entire GI tract from the mouth to the anus. Crohn’s Disease causes many severe problems in the GI tract and can attack anywhere along the GI tract.
FOR more Crohn’s Information click HERE.
Despite Laney losing 3 pounds in the last two weeks, which took her 6 months to gain, she recently earned her Brown Belt in Traditional #TaeKwonDo
This is one “Belt” below Black Belt!
She tested in front of the Grand Master, Sun-Yi and performed as if she were a “healthy” 7-year-old…but she is not. Her large intestine, swollen, oozing mucus and scarlet-red, life-giving blood, her large intestine was causing her SEVERE pain. Severe pain, hidden, while she methodically and gracefully worked through her perfected TaeKwonDo forms, alongside her big brother, Landon!
Landon and Laney Brown Belts
Landon snaps a quick punch in the background, while Laney strikes the enemy in the foreground! Landon and Laney are “thick as thieves” they are! Landon is the same rank in TaeKwonDo as the mighty, little Laney. The difference is Landon is a couple of years older than Laney and he is a very healthy boy!
   Laney completely hid the pain during Taekwondo Testing. The constant aching and stabbing sensations in the lower abdomen was a perpetual reminder she can’t ever escape from Crohn’s Disease.
The bloated belly feels full and urgent, constantly, but you wouldn’t know if you looked at Laney performing her “Forms” perfectly. Sparring like she has the spirit of a Lioness in her…I think she does!
"Spirit of a Lioness" by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney's inner spirit...Laney is a Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER...A WARRIOR!
“Spirit of a Lioness” by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney’s inner spirit…Laney is a  Young Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER…A WARRIOR!
Laney is NOT responding well, at all, to the drug Azothiaprine. She has elevations in her liver enzymes, 5 times the normal level, which indicates moderate to severe liver damage. She was reduced on her Azothiaprine dosage, and 1 month later, her Crohn’s is out of remission…BACK with a vengeance, attacking our perfect, kind, beautiful, and intelligent       “Laney-Bug”!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming! Nobody understands her pain and fatigue truly, but her. She hides this gargantuan part of her life, to protect her family, her mother and father, from the worry!
Information on alternative, natural medication to treat Crohn’s Disease right here! Click Here
I am Laney’s father. I am also a Registered Nurse, with years of higher education. Proudly, I am also a father of 4 total kids, and a grandfather of 1, beautiful, baby girl!
I suffer from insulin dependent diabetes and diabetic neuropathy in my feet, fingers, and legs mostly. Pain medication prescribed by my doc, does not work and has awful side effects. It is the only choice I have living in Kansas. I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t break the law! So, I have to continue using the BIG Pharmacy medications, endorsed by our far right wing republicans in Kansas!
Kansas is ultra-conservative. So conservative that the state is voting on bills that would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community and… Kansas is voting on a bill to SPANK kids in school until their bottoms are red right now!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to and Need to get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to, and Need to, get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9! The above picture gives the potential medical marijuana patients, little hope for a more empathetic and intelligent, dare I say, scientific, Kansas House and Kansas Senate. The Kansas Government is led by Christian Extremest, Governor Sam Brownback!
The bill, HB 2198 and SB9, were introduced several years ago, the bill is the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act. If passed, patients such as Laney, could have LEGAL ACCESS to specific strains of medical marijuana.
The strains have very little THC, the psychoactive component, but high amounts of cannabinoids or CBDs. The CBDs are responsible for halting Crohn’s disease and inducing remission… complete remission!
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Explains best in this incredible documentary on the benefits, the miracle of natural plant therapy…Marijuana! The good Doctor explains why he reversed his opinion on Medical Marijuana!

Please help. Please stand up and fight with this Kansas Dad! This disabled Marine Veteran of Desert Storm, This Kansas father and grandfather… Please, for all of us. This isn’t about you and I…it’s about them…the silent majority that either can’t speak out, or are too afraid.
The disabled, the care givers, the military, anyone that could benefit from treatment, treatment with marijuana! 20 other states have enacted medical marijuana laws and 2 states have legalized it completely!
Kansas Government either won’t give Kansans freedom and choice, or will just keep doing the status-quo,                                 the “same-ol-same-ol-good-ol-boy-” political routine, which the Kansas House and Senate have practiced for the last 40 years, since President Nixon!!!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!

Please sign this petition. Don’t do it for you…Sign it for those Kansans that need the choice to use a safe, effective plant instead of deadly narcotics, pushed by Big Pharmacy and the FDA!

Click HERE to sign the petition and FORCE the terribly antiquated and hyper-conservative government to read this BILL HB2198 and SB9! The voiceless need your help and compassion. Even if you don’t agree, share this so everyone can have a choice, for themselves, for Laney, for FREEDOM!
written by Emery Myers, proudly known as “Laney’s Dad”
Kansas is putting up NEW SIGNS for 2014! The House Republicans Have Been Busy!

Kansas House Bill 2453 “Anti-Gay” Legislation Allows Businesses, Groups and Religion to Legally Discriminate Against Gay Couples.

Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas! It seems as though the Kansas House Republicans are on the same side as Fred Phelps!
Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, Kansas! It seems as though the Kansas House Republicans are on the same side as Fred Phelps!

Kansas House passes bill allowing refusal of service to same-sex couples

  • Gay and lesbian couples in Kansas may be refused service more often
  • A bill protects individuals, groups and organizations that turn them away for religious reasons
  • It “seeks to enshrine discrimination,” rights group leader says
  • If one employee refuses to serve, the employer must ask others to

Denying services to same-sex couples may soon become legal in Kansas.

House Bill 2453 explicitly protects religious individuals, groups and businesses that refuse services to same-sex couples, particularly those looking to tie the knot.

It passed the state’s Republican-dominated House on Wednesday with a vote of 72-49, and has gone to the Senate for a vote.

Such a law may seem unnecessary in a state where same-sex marriage is banned, but some Kansas lawmakers think different.

They want to prevent religious individuals and organizations from getting sued, or otherwise punished, for not providing goods or services to gay couples — or for not recognizing their marriages or committed relationship as valid.

This includes employees of the state.

The politics

The law claims to protect the rights of religious people, but gender rights advocates such as Equality Kansas are dismayed.

“Kansans across the state are rightly appalled that legislators are spending their efforts to pass yet another piece of legislation that seeks to enshrine discrimination against gay and lesbian people into law,” state chairwoman Sandra Meade said.

“HB 2453 is a blatant attempt to maintain second-class citizen status for taxpaying gay and lesbian Kansans.”

Despite the blowback, its chances of passing seem pretty good.

Republicans dominate the state’s Senate and Gov. Sam Brownback is a conservative Christian known for taking a public stand against same-sex marriage.

Brownback has already praised the bill in an interview with a local newspaper.

“Americans have constitutional rights, among them the right to exercise their religious beliefs and the right for every human life to be treated with respect and dignity,” he told The Topeka Capital-Journal.

The details

HB 2453 is titled “An act concerning religious freedoms with respect to marriage” and covers many bases.

It reads, in part: “No individual or religious entity shall be required by any governmental entity to do any of the following, if it would be contrary to the sincerely held religious beliefs of the individual or religious entity regarding sex or gender:

“Provide any services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods, or privileges; provide counseling, adoption, foster care and other social services; or provide employment or employment benefits, related to, or related to the celebration of, any marriage, domestic partnership, civil union or similar arrangement.”

Anyone who turns away a gay couple not only can’t face a civil suit, but if anyone tries to sue, they could get nailed with the other side’s legal fees.

There are some small concession in the bill to gay couples.

If an employee at a nonreligious or government business refuses to serve a gay or lesbian couple for religious reasons, the manager is obligated to find another employee who will oblige.

It also explicitly says that the law does not authorize discrimination against anyone, including clergy, who performs or supports same-sex unions.

The trend

The Kansas bill would seem to buck the trend.

Laws approving same-sex marriage have recently passed in many parts of the United States, bringing the total number of states where it is legal to 17. Add to that the District of Columbia.

Worldwide, 16 other countries (and parts of Mexico) also have laws allowing same-sex marriage and domestic partnerships. Most of the nations are in Europe and South America.


This is a travesty! Please show your support for equal rights by signing the petition above!

CNN’s Sonya Hamasaki contributed to this report (original article):



Cannablogna’s Top 5 “BoB” Videos of ALL TIME! Approved by Chuck Norris!

Cannablogna’s Top 5 “BoB” Videos of ALL TIME! Approved by Chuck Norris!.

Cannablogna's Top 5

via Cannablogna’s Top 5 “BoB” Videos of ALL TIME! Approved by Chuck Norris!.


Cannablogna’s Top 5 “BoB” Videos of ALL TIME! Approved by Chuck Norris!

1. Bob Marley of course! ~One Love~ Bob Marley

2. Bobby McFerrin, makes me HaPpY at number 2!                                         ~Don’t Worry Be Happy~ Bobby McFerrin

3. BoB Dylan is the shiz at NUMBER 3!                                                   ~Knockin On Heaven’s Door~ BoB Dylan

4. Bob Seger IS Number 4! He’s No Chuck Norris but he is one of the top 5 “BOBs” of ALL TIME! ~Turn the Page~ Bob Seger

5. Chuck Norris! No, HE’s NOT a “BoB” but…                                                He’s Mother-Flippin Chuck Norris!

There ya have it! I hope you enjoyed!

Emery Myers


Beautiful Butterfly for now...

The Ecological State of Butterflies in High Definition! HD Life!

A Monarch floating on a natural canvas.
Oval Blues:Perfect Hues of Blues…Shades completely  impossible to recreate by  man! Just as the Monarch that floats on the Unique, Hues of Oval  Blues!

Beauty is everywhere and nowhere, depending if our eyes are closed to the world, or wide-open, focused on our Planet! Our eyes are evolving to see only LCD screens! Real HD is simply, observing nature with your own two specially evolved eye balls!

Most of us walk around, blind to the specks of brilliance, all over our little worlds. Fluorescent lighting and computer screens have desensitized our visual acuity! We take for granted, which evolution and survival gave us… The most beautiful organs, the windows to the human psyche, the perfect, stunning human eyes! We think our natural world will always be there…BUT…at present, climate change and deforestation of the South American Rain-forests threaten many species and have already eradicated many other species!

Glasswing Butterfly image from google images
The increasingly endangered Glasswing Butterfly. Soon this beautiful insect will be gone…for good, due to changing climates and deforestation coupled with increasing green house gasses.

Just because we can’t see South America and the Amazon from here, doesn’t mean we aren’t responsible. Sarah Palin may be able to see Russia from her house, but we can’t see the destruction and damage we are causing, to the whole planet, with our wasteful, ignorant, antiquated ways of manufacturing practices and our disregard for what top scientists have proven! How many more species will become extinct before we do? Science offers hope, if we start embracing science instead of war and religion. Religion and war do not mix with science and human advancement. We have recorded evidence of history repeating itself. Its time we listened to science and the experienced people in these scientific fields or we are going to lose more butterflies! Maybe after we lose US!

Beautiful Butterfly Perched on a Hemp Plant image from google images
Beautiful Butterfly Perched on a Hemp Plant. image from Google images

Here in America, we continue to eradicate nature, such as the Hemp plant this beautiful butterfly is perched on. Industrial Hemp has been legalized recently by our Federal Government but it still remains taboo to many people here in the U.S.A., which is traditionally, behind most other countries, even some third-world-countries! We can’t take care of our own, how are we going to preserve nature at its finest and most delicate?

Unknown Abstract Artist: Butterfly Angels artist unknown image courtesy google images
Unknown Abstract Artist: Butterfly Angels.~ artist unknown~ image courtesy Google images

Natures very definition is “the phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations.” ~Websters Dictionary~.

To me, this definition infers that nature does NOT need us but we DO NEED NATURE! I mean, really how much science do we need to prove this titanium fact? Do human-beings really need to see the outcome of the current trauma? Humans are raping the planet! I don’t need an evolutionary biologist like Richard Dawkins to explain this simple concept…none of us do, except for the far right-wing republicans AKA the “tea-party”. This party does not believe in “climate change” or “global warming”. That’s going to make our next butterfly extinct!

The Monarch Butterflies in Mexico During Migration image from google images
The Monarch Butterflies in Mexico During Migration. image from google images

“The report is based on a survey of Mexico‘s Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve done in December 2013. The butterflies, which spend the winter hibernating in the reserve’s forest, occupied only 1.65 acres (0.6 hectare) in December 2013—a 44 percent drop from 2012, when theinsects covered 2.76 acres (1.12 hectares) of land. The survey was conducted by the WWF-Telcel Alliance and Mexico’s National Commission for Protected Areas.” ~National Geographic~

Rainforest Butterflies image courtesy of google images
Rainforest Butterflies. image courtesy of google images

These magnificent creatures are slowly disappearing…some not so slow. Scientific data already is proving that Monarch Migration is down 44%! Scientists report climate change is the main change but all of the pesticides, deforestation and greenhouse gasses are also dooming the Monarchs to extinction. Can you imagine a life without the Monarchs? I can’t. I’m a simple country boy, Monarchs always comforted me and I could count on the friendly little sprites to bring me luck and good fortune every year. I have noticed fewer and fewer every year! I had more hummingbirds this year than Monarchs in my garden!

Huge Butterfly in Malaysia image from google images
Huge Butterfly in Malaysia image from google images

How can we let this priceless, beautiful, biological artwork become extinct? We wouldn’t let our Constitution be destroyed. We wouldn’t let our Declaration of Independence bed destroyed. Why are we letting an evolutionary, biological piece of art like this rare butterfly, become extinct? I think it has to do with a hue…a hue of Green! Evil always has a good foundation in money! That’s how humans will become extinct someday too at the present rate we are going. Humans are too greedy and ignorant to evolve at this trajectory. Humans are doomed at the current destructive rate they are traveling at!

The Rainforest Butterfly by Photographer Rusyadi Aulianur image courtesy google images
The Rain forest Butterfly by Photographer Rusyadi Aulianur image courtesy Google images

Beauty is fleeting, we all know this. Natural Beauty like this can be preserved though, with a complete change in our habits and our consumption. Humans have all become “Consumers” in the civilized countries of the world. I say “civilized” but are we really? America itself, is a huge consumer of war and military people and equipment. It is what Eisenhower warned of “the military machine” that is the U.S. President Eisenhower was right again!

Money! Rich get Richer and the Poor, well you know… It’s the green, the greed, that are destroying our ecological balance! It is the usual politics and rich versus the poor.

Butterfly Red image from google images
Butterfly Red by ~unknown artist~  doesn’t exactly mean “butterfly” in an insect-kind-of-way…but it is still natural beauty, for the most part! courtesy GoogleImages.

This visual explosion of RED screams color! Eyeballs bulge and ears ring when processing this image! It is Bizarre and beautiful! Just like human-beings!

Angry yet graceful imagery. Slightly sensual but organic…natural and innocent in nature with a side of naughty! Butterfly Red!

by Emery Myers

For more beautiful art galleries, please visit my links:

CEMETARIES! The top 9 Most Bizarre,Macbre and Beautiful Cemetaries in the World!

CEMETARIES! The top 9 Most Bizarre,Macbre and Beautiful Cemetaries in the World!.

via CEMETARIES! The top 9 Most Bizarre,Macbre and Beautiful Cemetaries in the World!.