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Paul Davis, Who Is Paul Davis? Poll numbers have him with a slight edge over Governor Brownback…read more…

This is the information, at least the most complete information I could find on little known challenger to incumbent, Governor Sam Brownback(R). So here ya go:

Paul Davis is a leader with a proven record of working across party lines to get things done for hardworking Kansas taxpayers. As Governor, Paul will work to end infighting and partisan gridlock in the State Capitol. He believes that by setting aside party differences and bringing people together, we can strengthen the economy, create jobs, and ensure that our children have access to a world class education.

Middle class beginnings, Kansas values.

A lifelong Kansan, Paul Davis is the son of two teachers who instilled in him the middle class Kansas values that bind our state together – hard work, education, and family. From a young age, Paul’s parents set high expectations for him, which later inspired both his legal career and involvement in public service. Paul attended Lawrence Public Schools and received an undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas. He then went on to earn his law degree from Washburn University in Topeka.

Paul’s wife, Stephanie, is a psychologist who specializes in trauma recovery for United States military veterans. Stephanie is passionate about helping the men and women who served our country in uniform and she commutes two hours a day to provide assistance to Kansas veterans.

Paul and Stephanie have a three-year-old daughter, Caroline, who enjoys growing sunflowers, ballet, and living just down the road from her grandma and grandpa.

Private sector experience

          Paul has worked in the private sector for over a decade and has owned a law firm with his two business partners for several years. Paul entered the legal profession to help families and businesses solve problems and resolve conflicts in a fair and equitable way. He is a partner in the firm of Fagan, Emert & Davis. Throughout his legal career, Paul has worked with start-up companies, small businesses and some of the largest corporations in Kansas.

Paul understands the needs of Kansas businesses that are trying to grow, create jobs and remain profitable while coping with higher taxes and burdensome government regulation. He knows that government regulations can be overly burdensome and that the state tax code can determine whether a business gets off the ground or not.

Through this work, Paul also learned that government and business do not have to be adversaries. They can – and must – be partners in their joint quest to create jobs and grow Kansas communities. This belief has been a guiding principle of Paul’s legislative career.

A common sense leader

Paul joined the Kansas House of Representatives in 2003. Throughout his 11 years in the Kansas State Legislature, Paul’s bipartisan approach to governing, common sense leadership style, and commitment to fiscal responsibility earned him respect among Democrats and Republicans alike. These traits became especially evident when his peers elected him Kansas House Minority Leader in 2008 at the height of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression.

As a result of the global economic downturn, Kansas was engulfed in an historic budget crisis when Paul began his tenure as House Minority Leader. Despite six rounds of budget cuts, a $500 million budget shortfall was still projected during his first term as leader.

Using the pragmatism that propelled him to his role as a legislative leader, Paul built a bipartisan coalition to tackle the budget crisis head on. Together, this “Moderate Majority” negotiated a budget that protected Kansas public schools and core services from a 7th round of budget cuts, while still keeping state spending in check. The bipartisan budget reduced spending by $1.2 billion, prevented a $65 million property tax hike, and blocked an irresponsible $85 million cut to public schools. Paul ranks this among his most proud legislative accomplishments because it embodied all the things Kansans want from their elected leaders: bipartisanship, compromise, a commitment to public education, fiscal responsibility, and a determination to prevent further property tax hikes.

    Despite the fiscal challenges of this time, Paul recognized that Kansas couldn’t simply cut its way out of the Great Recession. Our state’s long-term economic stability depended on our ability to create new Kansas jobs and attract new business investment. This is why he worked tirelessly to enact a 10-year, statewide transportation plan. This was a critical economic investment because most companies agree that infrastructure is a top consideration when choosing a location for a new or expanding business. It is also projected that the transportation plan will create 175,000 jobs over the next decade. It is the largest jobs package ever to pass in Kansas history, and it would never have become law without the support of the bipartisan coalition, led by Paul Davis.

A champion for Kansas’ kids

Paul comes from a family of teachers. He first ran for public office because he was deeply concerned about Topeka’s lack of support for Kansas public schools. As his daughter approaches kindergarten, public education remains his top priority.

  Paul was proud to be part of the bipartisan coalition that passed the historic school finance legislation in 2005. It was difficult to put that progress on hold during the Great Recession, but Paul offered a plan to restore funding for our classrooms as soon as the state’s economy began to stabilize.

A commitment to strong public schools is just part of what makes Kansas special, and Paul believes that it is vital to our prospects for job creation and economic growth moving forward. Restoring our investment in Kansas schools ensures that kids across the state – from Kansas City to Dodge City – get the education they deserve. It also ensures that new and existing businesses have the educated workforce they need to grow and thrive. Paul believes that investing in education is not only the right thing to do for our kids, but good economics. It allows our children to make the most of their God-given talents and attracts good, high-wage jobs for our hard-working families.

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Landon and Laney Brown Belts 030

Laney the Crohn’s Warrior: Part 2. Please also SIGN the PETITION for Laney and for all chronically ill Kansans! Please, this Father begs you…written by Emery Myers

Laney TaeKwonDo Champion Second Chrons Warrior First
Crohn’s Disease Warrior First!!!         Laney is a Brown-Belt Taekwondo champion second!
Part 2 of Laney’s life and Crohn’s Disease. The story of a true champion. The story of Laney! Laney, the Crohn’s Warrior.
Warrior I Will Stay Strong I Will Fight I Will Win
Laney is presently bleeding inside. She bleeds through damaged areas in her large intestine. She is not in remission now, even though she takes Azothiaprine, 100miligrams per day. She is fighting… fighting pain, fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety, herself…at 7 years old! No 7-year-old should have to be subjected to this but Laney doesn’t think this way. She is positive and optimistic on the outside but I know she is terrified on the inside! She is just TOO TOUGH to let anyone smell the fear, the pain, deep inside her tiny, damaged tummy.
Azothiaprine DESTROYS Laney’s immune system. Why, you may ask does she take the drug then? It is the lesser of 2 evils at this time. Azothiaprine puts her immune system in a “head-lock”, if you will, preventing her tummy from being attacked, in specific, her gastrointestinal system.
The problem is, it is a very TOXIC chemical, continually damaging  her small master organ, her liver! Presently, Laney has lab drawn weekly to make sure her liver is tolerating the DRUG…the FDA approved Killer Drug. If this drug continues to cause problems, then Laney will be faced with intravenous chemotherapy, which increases her chances of various cancers to 11%! She is only 7…
Crohn’s is the WORST auto-immune disease affecting the entire GI tract from the mouth to the anus. Crohn’s Disease causes many severe problems in the GI tract and can attack anywhere along the GI tract.
FOR more Crohn’s Information click HERE.
Despite Laney losing 3 pounds in the last two weeks, which took her 6 months to gain, she recently earned her Brown Belt in Traditional #TaeKwonDo
This is one “Belt” below Black Belt!
She tested in front of the Grand Master, Sun-Yi and performed as if she were a “healthy” 7-year-old…but she is not. Her large intestine, swollen, oozing mucus and scarlet-red, life-giving blood, her large intestine was causing her SEVERE pain. Severe pain, hidden, while she methodically and gracefully worked through her perfected TaeKwonDo forms, alongside her big brother, Landon!
Landon and Laney Brown Belts
Landon snaps a quick punch in the background, while Laney strikes the enemy in the foreground! Landon and Laney are “thick as thieves” they are! Landon is the same rank in TaeKwonDo as the mighty, little Laney. The difference is Landon is a couple of years older than Laney and he is a very healthy boy!
   Laney completely hid the pain during Taekwondo Testing. The constant aching and stabbing sensations in the lower abdomen was a perpetual reminder she can’t ever escape from Crohn’s Disease.
The bloated belly feels full and urgent, constantly, but you wouldn’t know if you looked at Laney performing her “Forms” perfectly. Sparring like she has the spirit of a Lioness in her…I think she does!
"Spirit of a Lioness" by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney's inner spirit...Laney is a Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER...A WARRIOR!
“Spirit of a Lioness” by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney’s inner spirit…Laney is a  Young Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER…A WARRIOR!
Laney is NOT responding well, at all, to the drug Azothiaprine. She has elevations in her liver enzymes, 5 times the normal level, which indicates moderate to severe liver damage. She was reduced on her Azothiaprine dosage, and 1 month later, her Crohn’s is out of remission…BACK with a vengeance, attacking our perfect, kind, beautiful, and intelligent       “Laney-Bug”!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming! Nobody understands her pain and fatigue truly, but her. She hides this gargantuan part of her life, to protect her family, her mother and father, from the worry!
Information on alternative, natural medication to treat Crohn’s Disease right here! Click Here
I am Laney’s father. I am also a Registered Nurse, with years of higher education. Proudly, I am also a father of 4 total kids, and a grandfather of 1, beautiful, baby girl!
I suffer from insulin dependent diabetes and diabetic neuropathy in my feet, fingers, and legs mostly. Pain medication prescribed by my doc, does not work and has awful side effects. It is the only choice I have living in Kansas. I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t break the law! So, I have to continue using the BIG Pharmacy medications, endorsed by our far right wing republicans in Kansas!
Kansas is ultra-conservative. So conservative that the state is voting on bills that would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community and… Kansas is voting on a bill to SPANK kids in school until their bottoms are red right now!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to and Need to get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to, and Need to, get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9! The above picture gives the potential medical marijuana patients, little hope for a more empathetic and intelligent, dare I say, scientific, Kansas House and Kansas Senate. The Kansas Government is led by Christian Extremest, Governor Sam Brownback!
The bill, HB 2198 and SB9, were introduced several years ago, the bill is the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act. If passed, patients such as Laney, could have LEGAL ACCESS to specific strains of medical marijuana.
The strains have very little THC, the psychoactive component, but high amounts of cannabinoids or CBDs. The CBDs are responsible for halting Crohn’s disease and inducing remission… complete remission!
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Explains best in this incredible documentary on the benefits, the miracle of natural plant therapy…Marijuana! The good Doctor explains why he reversed his opinion on Medical Marijuana!

Please help. Please stand up and fight with this Kansas Dad! This disabled Marine Veteran of Desert Storm, This Kansas father and grandfather… Please, for all of us. This isn’t about you and I…it’s about them…the silent majority that either can’t speak out, or are too afraid.
The disabled, the care givers, the military, anyone that could benefit from treatment, treatment with marijuana! 20 other states have enacted medical marijuana laws and 2 states have legalized it completely!
Kansas Government either won’t give Kansans freedom and choice, or will just keep doing the status-quo,                                 the “same-ol-same-ol-good-ol-boy-” political routine, which the Kansas House and Senate have practiced for the last 40 years, since President Nixon!!!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!

Please sign this petition. Don’t do it for you…Sign it for those Kansans that need the choice to use a safe, effective plant instead of deadly narcotics, pushed by Big Pharmacy and the FDA!

Click HERE to sign the petition and FORCE the terribly antiquated and hyper-conservative government to read this BILL HB2198 and SB9! The voiceless need your help and compassion. Even if you don’t agree, share this so everyone can have a choice, for themselves, for Laney, for FREEDOM!
written by Emery Myers, proudly known as “Laney’s Dad”