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They will take our guns courtesy of wwwdotfunnyjunkdotcom

Common Sense is Genius in It’s Working Clothes.

Common Sense is Genius in It’s Working Clothes.

written by Emery Myers, May 23rd, 2014

Common Sense is Genius image courtesy of whatantseesdotwordpressdotcom
Common Sense is Genius… image courtesy of http://www.whatantsees.wordpress.com

What happened to common sense in America? Did it ever truly exist? It’s hard to answer this question without relying on what other humans recorded throughout human history. Some recorded history is accurate… I am sure of that, but much of recorded history is, dare I say, conjecture, hear-say, mistakes and recorded decades after the fact. Impossible to prove much of ancient history…unless we have tangible evidence and the science scholars involved. If you don’t accept science, carbon-14 dating, or evolutionary biology, physics and the other sciences, then you probably aren’t going to agree with this article.

Common Sense image courtesy of universityofcommonsensedotcom
Common Sense image courtesy of http://www.universityofcommonsense.com

I am a college graduate. My wife is a college graduate. College education did not teach either of us what common sense is. We had common sense before college. Education does not gift a person with common sense. I have worked with many people in my life and I’ll take common sense over education level any time of the day! I have met people with 10-plus years of higher education and absolutely no common sense… Some of the most brilliant minds I have ever known have a very limited educational background but are the epitome of common sense and intelligent decision-making!

Common Sense Bring it Back courtesy of wwwdotsalescoachdocom
Common Sense, Bring it Back courtesy of http://www.salescoach.com

Seriously… Bring it back now! Americans are either too afraid to speak up and use their first amendment rights, or lack good, old commonsense! The majority in Cannablogna’s polling indicates the latter… commonsense is endangered! It is quickly becoming non-existent in our America. This is what the leaders of huge corporations and our political system count on. The powers that be want us to be scared, confused and fearful of everything. It keeps us “controlled”. It keeps us in our social caste. It forces us to be consumers! It Keeps us… the 99 PERCENT!

common sense just because you can courtesy of wwwdotsodaheaddotcom
Common sense, just because you can… courtesy of http://www.sodahead.com

I have quite literally, been killed, hundreds of times in my work career. The majority of accidents were caused by idiots as pictured above! We all have seen them, tried to communicate with them, and tried to pull their weight. The people lacking common sense… their numbers are growing rapidly! The CDC should have released a report years ago! How many people die in workplace accidents or are seriously injured, due to someone else’s lack of common sense? We know all too well that it was probably an idiot lacking commonsense.

That Video, courtesy of Youtube.com, pretty much wraps up any further need for explanation.

Your friend in commonsense,

Emery Myers, contributing author for http://www.cannablogna.com, and http://www.darwinsrightleftwing.com

Please sign this petition if you believe in commonsense!

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.




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Regulation Works

The Latest Pot Myth, Smacked Down By Science. Don’t believe the hype.

 Those opposed to the legalization and regulation of marijuana for any purpose, including the plant’s therapeutic use when authorized by a physician, often allege that the adoption of such laws will result in a significant increase in pot use by young people.
Teens use of alcohol compared to marijuana use. You can see a very large difference. Binge drinking leads to fatal car crashes, alcohol overdose and death. Marijuana, which should not be consumed by teens, does not cause the same physiological issues that the more dangerous drug, Alcohol causes. This is fact and the popular opinion of medical professionals and the American public! Graph courtesy of Google Images.

 “The damage of marijuana—and these laws—is clear,” claims David Evans, executive director of the Drug Free Schools Coalition, in a recent open letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder and DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart. “Legalization of marijuana for ‘medical’ use and recreational use in those states has resulted in more marijuana use, particularly among young people.”

Adds Kevin Sabet, co-founder of Project SAM and a former senior policy advisor at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (aka the Drug Czar’s office), “Research shows that residents of states with medical marijuana laws have abuse and dependence rates almost twice as high as states with no such laws, and teen use rates are significantly higher in states with medical marijuana laws compared to other states. Moreover, youth perception rates of the harmful effects of marijuana have significantly decreased in states that have legalized medical marijuana.”

Please watch this informative, short video on alcohol vs. pot

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? It’s supposed to. But here’s the reality check: virtually every study to evaluate the potential impact of these laws on teen use rates proves these claims to be woefully false.

The most recent peer-reviewed smackdown of this stock prohibitionist claim appears online this month in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University assessed the impact of medical cannabis laws over a 20-year period by examining trends in self-reported drug use by high schoolers in a cohort of states before and after legalization. Investigators compared these trends to geographically matched states that had not adopted medical marijuana access laws during this time.

Here’s what they found. “[O]ur study of self-reported marijuana use by adolescents in states with a medical marijuana policy compared with a sample of geographically similar states without a policy does not demonstrate increases in marijuana use among high school students that may be attributed to the policies.” In fact, researchers determined that in some regions of the country, the adoption of medical cannabis laws was associated with decreased cannabis use by young people, a finding that led the authors to acknowledge, “[C]oncerns about ‘sending the wrong message’ may have been overblown.”

They concluded, “Our study suggests that… the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes has not increased adolescent marijuana use, a finding supported by a growing body of literature.”

And what a growing body of literature it is. Here’s an overview of other, previous studies dismissing the notion that medical pot laws are a catalyst for increased drug use by either teens or adults.

Writing in 2013 in the American Journal of Public Health, researchers at the University of Florida College of Medicine evaluated the effects of medical marijuana laws on adolescent pot use rates for the years between 2003 and 2011. Investigators reported that the adoption of liberalized cannabis laws had no “statistically significant … effect on the prevalence of either lifetime or 30-day marijuana use” by adolescents residing in medical cannabis-friendly states. They concluded, “Our results suggest that, in the states assessed here, MMLs [medical marijuana laws] have not measurably affected adolescent marijuana use.”

A 2012 analysis of statewide cannabis laws and adolescent use patterns commissioned by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Germany drew similar conclusions. Economists from Montana State University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Colorado at Denver examined the relationship between the passage of medical cannabis laws and rates of marijuana consumption by high school students. Authors analyzed state and national data from the Center for Disease Control’s Youth Risky Behavior Surveys for the years 1993 through 2009, during which time more than a dozen states enacted law allowing for the production and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Authors determined, “[T]he legalization of medical marijuana was not accompanied by increases in the use of marijuana or other substances such as alcohol and cocaine among high school students. Interestingly, several of our estimates suggest that marijuana use actually declined with the passage of medical marijuana laws.”

A separate 2012 study by researchers at McGill University in Montreal and published in the journal Annals of Epidemiology reported virtually the same conclusions. Investigators obtained state-level estimates of marijuana use from the US National Survey on Drug Use and Health for the years between 2002 and 2009. Investigators utilized difference-in-differences regression models to estimate the causal effect of medical cannabis laws on marijuana use, and simulations to account for measurement error. “Difference-in-differences estimates suggested that passing MMLs (medical marijuana laws) decreased past-month use among adolescents … and had no discernible effect on the perceived riskiness of monthly use,” authors reported. “[These] estimates suggest that reported adolescent marijuana use may actually decrease following the passing of medical marijuana laws.”

Medical Marijuana IS in over half of the United States. The majority of Americans favor the legalization. Why won't the U.S. government listen to the people that make this country what it is?
Medical Marijuana IS in over half of the United States. The majority of Americans favor the legalization. Why won’t the U.S. government listen to the people that make this country what it is?

Finally, a 2007 study conducted by a pair of researchers at the Texas A&M Health Science Center, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics also evaluated whether liberalizing medical cannabis use might stimulate broader experimentation among the general population. “Using the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring system, data from adult arrestees for the period 1995-2002 were examined in three cities in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose), one city in Colorado (Denver), and one city in Oregon (Portland). Data were also analyzed for juvenile arrestees in two of the California cities and Portland. Data on emergency department patients from the Drug Abuse Warning Network for the period 1994-2002 were examined in three metropolitan areas in California (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco), one in Colorado (Denver), and one in Washington State (Seattle).” After crunching the data, researchers reported, “[C]onsistent with other studies of the liberalization of cannabis laws, medical cannabis laws do not appear to increase use of the drug.”

So, will the publication of this latest study put to rest the false notion that medical cannabis legalization stimulates non-medical pot use? Probably not, but it is a start. Notably, government officials seem finally to be getting the message. Speaking to the Tampa Bay Times last month, the deputy director of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse acknowledged, “We cannot draw a clean link between medical marijuana and shifting drug usage rates.”


Please watch this informative, short video on alcohol vs. pot

Original article HERE.

Please sign our petition to #endthewarondrugs which is a racist war on the poor! Please click the button below. It only takes a minute.

Help show your support for ending the 40 year war on Black Americans and the Poor, which Nixon started. We all know Nixon was A CROOK! Plus, that was 40 years ago, we have piles of science that indicates the medicinal value of marijuana! #PTSD


Here at http://www.cannablogna.com we fight for America and their rights. This is just one of the many fights. Please stand with us and let the government hear our voice and respect our right to petition the government under our constitutional rights!


Tangerine Sky… Let your worries go for a few minutes…

Bob Marley was a peaceful activist. He was love, peace and beauty...a genius emotionally... Happy Birthday Bob Marley!
Bob Marley was a peaceful activist. He was love, peace and beauty…a genius emotionally… Happy #420 Bob Marley!

Tangerine Sky… Let your worries go for a few minutes…

I hope your #420 was a good one! Mine has been great!

Peace to all! Enjoy your Tangerine Sky!

Best Regards,

Emery Myers

P.S. If you want to help END the racist War on the American Poor, please click the icon below. It just takes a second. #EducationNotIncarceration

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.
Prohibition Still Doesn't Work!

Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws.

Prohibition Still Doesn't Work!
Prohibition Still Doesn’t Work! Never did and never will. Education NOT incarceration! #EducationNotIncarceration

survey released this week by the publication Law Officer revealed that a majority of law enforcement officers want to see our country’s marijuana laws reformed.

The poll, which questioned over 11,000 law enforcement officers regarding their opinions on drug policy, revealed that just over 64% believed our marijuana laws needed to be relaxed in some form. When asked “Do you believe possession of marijuana for personal use should…” and presented with several options, 35.68% of respondents stated that marijuana be legalized, regulated and taxed, 10.84% chose that it should be be legalized for medical reasons and with a doctor’s prescription only, 14.24% said it should continue to be illegal but only punished via fines (no incarceration), and 3.68% said marijuana should simply be decriminalized. Only 34.7% believed marijuana should continue to be illegal with the criminal penalties that are currently in place.

“This poll reveals that support for marijuana prohibition is eroding even amongst those who are serving on the front lines enforcing it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “When a majority of the American people and most of those tasked with implementing a law disagree with it in principle, it is time to change that law.”

You can view the full results of this survey here.

“Prohibition cannot be enforced for the simple reason that the majority of the American people do not want it enforced and are resisting its enforcement. That being so, the orderly thing to do under our form of government is to abolish a law that cannot be enforced, a law which the people of the country do not want enforced.” – New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia on alcohol prohibition.

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.

For original article CLICK HERE.

Thank you,

Emery Myers aka @cannablogna #EducationNotIncarceration

April 19, 2014

www.cannablogna.com #educatenotincarcerate

Are we all deluded? America, Politics and the Racist, 40 year war on Drugs(the poor).

Deluded… Delusional… Are we all simply deluded? Were we programmed from birth, by pre-formatted parents? Were our grandparents and their parents beliefs, morals and ideals forged from governmental guidelines and religious rules?


[dih-loo-zhuh-nl]  Show IPA


1.having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions: Senators who   think they will get agreement on comprehensive tax bill are   delusional.
2.Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when   confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illnessHe was so delusional and paranoid that he thought  everybody was conspiring against him.

Sounds far-fetched, I know. Just the title screams “conspiracy theory” without making a sound! I think many of us can relate to the thin line between delusion and reality! This is the space that is widening for middle-class Americans. Our country is now the ultra rich and the poor. There is a war on the poor happening in America right now.

Forty years ago, President Nixon started the “War on Drugs”. We know this war has only been effective in destroying the lives of the poor. We know this war has been a racist war on the poor as well, affecting people of Color, disproportionately so from Caucasians.

40 years of the war on drugs and our government is still waging a racist war on the poor. This is fact. Look at the statistics. The statistics are black and white! Click on the image to view full size image. Image courtesy of Google Images.

This war has affected the poor and people of color more than any other group in the U.S. Please see the informative graph below. It simply explains the racism involved in this broken, immoral war that has been going on for 40 years. It is time to end this racism and incarceration. We need education not incarceration for drug abuse and non-violent drug offenders.

www.cannablogna.com #educatenotincarcerate
Incarceration rates in the United States by race. This accurate graph indicates the racism involved in our broken War on Drugs started by President Nixon 40 years ago. Countless Americans have had their lives ruined over this war.

Recently, a man in a southern state, was sentenced to 13 years in prison, with 5 of those years being hard labor for possession of 2 marijuana cigarettes. Mandatory minimum sentences are killing families in America.

NEW ORLEANS—The Drug Policy Alliance filed an amicus brief today urging the Louisiana Supreme Court to review the egregious prison sentence of Bernard Noble, a 48-year old man who was sentenced to 13.3 years of hard labor in prison without the opportunity for parole for possessing the equivalent of two marijuana cigarettes.”

Americans, it is time to end this horrible, human-rights violation, called the War on Drugs. This war has proved to be a racist war that has actually increased the amount of illicit drugs used and has caused the destruction of millions of families over 40 years. The War on Drugs has not protected people. It has been a huge waste of money, resources and life. Thousands upon thousands of Americans and others in surrounding countries have been killed by cartels, law enforcement and black market drug deals and it is all linked back to the terrible, failed War on Drugs! Let’s also not forget all those police officers killed in the line of duty and the innocent victims of the war on drugs.

It is early in Colorado’s legalization movement, but so far, crime rates have gone down substantially and the state’s tax revenues from legal marijuana are in the millions of dollars. This is a win/win situation so far for Colorado. Take away the demand by decriminalizing, regulating, taxing and educating citizens on marijuana and the benefits and dangers. Anything in excess is bad, whether it be alcohol or allergy medication.

Please add your name to the petition below by clicking on the icon and sign the petition to end the prohibition on Marijuana. It is time to take this first step. 13 years in prison for 1 or 2 grams of a natural plant? This is real, click the link above for the news story. this just happened! The man charged with this will be over 60 years old when he gets out of prison, if he gets out of prison. His family life, his job, his everything is gone because of 2 little cigarettes of marijuana… for his own personal use. He wasn’t doing anything violent or assaulting anyone. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now his life is ruined for the time being. Also, tax-payers will be paying for 13 years of his life in prison for 2 marijuana joints! This is insane. End the police state that we all live in!

Please, if you have empathy for your fellow Americans, help end the suffering from this immoral, human rights travesty called the War on Drugs!

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.

Article written by Emery Myers

April 18, 2014



Current Congressional Cannabis News in America.

Eric Holder Would Be ‘Glad To Work With Congress’ To Reschedule Marijuana


WASHINGTON — The Obama administration would be willing to work with Congress if lawmakers want to take marijuana off the list of what the federal government considers the most dangerous drugs, Attorney General Eric Holder said Friday.

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. People are SUFFERING and Dying every DAY in America because of the failed “War on Drugs”.

“We’d be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the drug is scheduled, as I said there is a great degree of expertise that exists in Congress,” Holder said during a House Appropriations Committee hearing. “It is something that ultimately Congress would have to change, and I think that our administration would be glad to work with Congress if such a proposal were made.”

Several members of Congress have called on the administration to downgrade cannabis on its own without waiting for congressional action. Under the federal Controlled Substances Act, the attorney general has the authority to “remove any drug or other substance from the schedules if he finds that the drug or other substance does not meet the requirements for inclusion in any schedule.” Holder didn’t indicate Friday that he would be willing to do that unilaterally.

Although there haven’t been any documented cases of deaths from overdosing on marijuana, the federal government treats it as a Schedule I drug with a “high potential for abuse,” along with heroin, LSD and Ecstasy.

Re-categorizing marijuana would not legalize the drug under federal law, but it couldmake research into marijuana’s medical benefits much easier and allow marijuana businesses to take tax deductions.

Several Republican lawmakers at the hearing questioned Holder’s decision to allow Colorado and Washington to legalize and regulate marijuana and to take the states’ actions into consideration when prioritizing federal marijuana prosecutions. But Holder said that he was “not sure that you’re going to see a huge difference” between the cases the Justice Department was bringing before and after guidance went out to U.S. attorneys on which cases to prioritize.

“We’re not blazing a new trail,” Holder said of the decision to prosecute only certain cases based on the department’s limited resources, noting that much of marijuana law enforcement happens on the state and local levels.

Any move to reschedule marijuana would probably face resistance from the Drug Enforcement Administration, which Holder oversees. DEA chief Michele Leonhart said this week that the growing acceptance of marijuana only makes her agents “fight harder.”

For full article click HERE.


Real American’s Quotes From Our Petition for the Compassionate Use of Cannabis/Decriminalization for AMERICANs!

These are real quotes that I have copied and pasted. I have left the people’s names off for anonymity.

We all know the hypocrisy of the government allowing cigarettes and alcohol to be taxed and regulated. Both of which have NO medical applications, yet Cannabis is kept a schedule 1 drug, along with Heroin and PCP. Cocaine is considered a schedule 2 drug. Xanax and Lortab are schedule 3 drugs. Schedule 1 drugs are considered to have NO medical benefit. 20 states have enacted medical marijuana laws and many more are working on medical marijuana laws right now…except KANSAS!

http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/decriminalize-marijuana-16Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.

Politicians argue that Cannabis is “so much stronger now”. Well, what about 190 proof Everclear…which is an alcoholic drink that will kill you if you drink too much. It is impossible to overdose on Cannabis, unless you can smoke 1500 pounds of it in 30 minutes. If you smoke 1500 pounds of anything in 15 minutes, your probably not going to fare to well!

Here we go with the quotes from real people across America!

1. Erie, Pennsylvania: “marijuana has so many positive uses yet the government will not legalize it does that make any sense at all”

2. Glendale, CA: “Free the people!”

3. Helper, Utah: “Make it medically available..”

4. St. Joseph, MO: “As a nurse I have seen cancer patients writhing in agony, waiting for their next pain shot. Marijuana not only can relieve pain and mental anguish, but also stimulates the appetite to reverse the wasting and emaciation so common in terminally ill patients. Yet these people cannot legally obtain or use marijuana in most states to alleviate pain or improve their quality of life in the time they have left.”

5. Phoenix, AZ: “I have PTSD and it sucks, I think anyone with PTSD should be able to be prescribed cannabis, it’s helped me with my PTSD, I have PTSD from rapes and abuse in the past. I approve c:”

6. Edinburgh, Maine: “Do the right thing. By the way NO you’re not doing it at this time.”

7. Conway, SC: “We need to stop living in the dark ages and move forward.These people deserve the right to have medicine that helps them with out the serious side effects of. the drugs that’s out there now.”

8. Cambridge City, IN: “I strongly agree.”

9. Enterprise, KS: “It will not only help the people in the state, it will help our state! Please hear us!”

10. Salina, KS: “Please Please Please listen to the people! Majority of the people in Kansas are in favor of changing marijuana laws and we need your help!”

11. Glendale, CA: “I defer all questions to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.”

12. Sm, KS: “Put CHILD MOLESTERS and MURDERERS in PRISON for LIFE with NO chance of PAROLE. Let NON-violent “offenders” free or pay a nominal fee.”

13. Newton, KS: “It’s time for a more intelligent and compassionate approach to marijuana sales and use, especially for medical purposes.”

14. Wichita, KS: “I have a loved one with Crohn’s disease, and know that individual – an ethical, professional, and dedicated public servant – uses cannabis for the pain and nausea. I think we should give people access to medically necessary drugs to improve their functioning and decrease pain!!”

15. Wichita, KS: “Helps eye pressure for glocauma, cures cancer when injested, helps fibromyalgia. Get kansas into the 21 century.”

16. Wichita, KS: “Medical use should be permitted and regulated.”

17. Olathe, KS: “I have always been in agreement that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal uses as I was/am an AIDS patient. But the HIV is under control and have just now been diagnosed with cancer and will begin chemo radiation this week. I expect marijuana to be part of my refi mine to control nausea but more importantly, assisting with my appetite and make me want to eat.”

18. Auburn, KS: “I agree whole-hearted that this should be reevaluated and ultimately legalized. It is also a mood stabilizer that many people prefer to using prescription drugs. Yet another use…hmmm. :-)”

19. Sedan, KS: “We have spent billions of dollars on the war against drugs, learning nothing from our experience with the crime caused by prohibition in the ’20s. Lets help the people who can be relieved by the medical use of marijuana.”

20. Topeka, KS: “It’s time to walk back this ineffective, wasteful body of legislation and end the war on marijuana, particularly for medical needs.”

21. Overland Park, KS: “I completely agree. Our country should invest in cannabis – rather than villify and incarcerate those involved with its industry”

22. Wichita, KS: “With over 100 uses of the marijuana plant as of the 1930s, what could be created now with current knowledge and technology surely would be amazing and also very beneficial towards our needed economic growth. However, it takes open minds and open hearts to step out of fears and persecutions of differing others, and into loving wisdom for the advancement of ourselves into a more civilized and evolved culture. Hopefully Kansans are up to this opportunity for social and economic progress.”

23. Wichita, KS: “It’s been a long time comin and needs to be done now pmk”

24. Lawrence, KS: “This is the truth, and millions of people are recognizing it now. Be on the right side of history for once. Stop ruining lives and wasting money on prisons, and start helping lives to be improved while collecting tax revenues. It just makes sense!”

25. Inman, KS: “Time to stop the insanity! The medicinal uses of marijuana have been studied and it has been proven effective on many fronts including reducing intraoccular pressure in glaucoma patients which was not mentioned here. It’s said Queen Victoria used to smoke it to relieve menstrual cramps!”

26. Hutchinson, KS: “the government should listen to the American people. both science & medical evidence is to overwhelming and we need to act now. I also work in the healthcare field and totally agree.”


28. Topeka, KS: “I have no problem with the use of marijuana to treat illness.”

29. Oswego, KS:  “I think the petition should be supported by MoveOn. Marijuana is proving to be a kind of wonder drug. It should, at the very least, be available for medical use. Even better, make it available through legal means so it can be a legitimate revenue stream.”

30: Topeka, KS: “If it can benefit medical conditions I say go for legalization. Save the war for drugs with much more harmful effects.”

31. Stillwater, OK: “I have just been diagnosed with Crohn’s. Please pass this bill for all of those who suffer.”

32. Salina, KS: “It’s time for change. What can be argued about using a plant that God has given us over man made pharmaceuticals!”

33. Westfall, KS: “I strongly agree with the act of legalization of medical & recreational use of marijuana.”

34. Longmont, CO: “Good idea ! It IS 2014 .”

35. Smolan, KS: “Marijuana, either medical or recreational, should be legalized and mandated in a similar way to alcohol. More people die from alcohol than marijuana and it makes no sense why it is illegal!”

36. Salina, KS: “End the racist drug war on the poor. President Nixon started this war and it has victimized millions of non-violent cannabis users ever since. It has ruined lives and families. End it!”

These quotes are all verbatim from Kansans and All Americans! The Silver Hair Legislation of KS. supports HB2198 and SB9; The Cannabis Compassion and Care Act.               (click on to read the very well written bill).

Please read the bill and I guarantee, if you are not sure, you will be. Also, if after reading the above quotes you are unsure, you need to look up the word EMPATHY in the dictionary!

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans.
Emery Myers USMC 1990 -1998 Desert Storm Vet. I served America and will continue to serve as a registered nurse, father and advocate for all Americans, especially the chronically ill and terminally ill. Please, join this Marine in the fight for our freedom to use a medicinal herb!

Written by Emery Myers, activist, registered nurse, writer, artist and advocate for Americans and their constitutional rights!


Letters to an Apathetic Senator from a Veteran of the USMC and Desert Storm.


Senator Mary Pilcher Cook is TOO EXTREME to represent us! Tell her YES to SB9!

My First Letter to Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook (R) Kansas:

Poll: Americans View Cannabis/Marijuana As Less Harmful To Health Than Tobacco, Alcohol, Or Sugar.
Americans believe that consuming cannabis poses less harm to health than does the consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or sugar, according to the findings of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released today. With the rise of obesity and Diabetes in Kansas, I would have to agree that sugar kills more people per year! That is just statistical fact! Alcohol and Tobacco, well we really don’t need statistics but, Alcohol kills 88,000 Americans per year.
Marijuana, well in America, the only statistics that can be found are from a man killed smuggling tons of marijuana over the Mexico border. One of the bales of marijuana fell on him and killed him.
Respondents were asked which of the four substances they believed to be “most harmful to a person’s overall health.” Most respondents said tobacco (49 percent), followed by alcohol (24 percent) and sugar (15 percent).
Only eight percent of those surveyed said that they believed that marijuana was most harmful to health.
The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 3.10 percent.
Commenting on the poll results, NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “These results once again reaffirm that an overwhelming majority of the American public understands that any potential risks associated with the use or abuse of cannabis are relatively minor to those associated with many other legal and regulated substances. Criminalizing cannabis and those who consume it responsibly is a disproportionate public policy response to what is, at worst, a public health issue but not a criminal justice concern.”
Under federal law, marijuana is classified as a schedule I controlled substance, meaning that its alleged harms are equal to those of heroin.
Also, as I am sure you are aware, Kansas families are moving out of the state. I have read two stories in two different newspapers. Here is a link to one: 
I could go on and on. My family is in the same situation with a chronically ill child. I myself am a Desert Storm veteran and long time Kansas resident. I have been prescribed all kinds of drugs for diabetes and neuropathy, which have made me very sick, elevated my liver enzymes and caused me more side effects than they were worth. Please, reconsider your stance. Kansas cannot afford to lose more population. All of the states surrounding us are moving forward with medical marijuana laws. Kansas doesn’t have to be stuck in the 1930s. Kansas could be a leader instead of a follower.
My wife is a nurse practitioner. I am a registered nurse. There are only 3 pediatric GI doctors in Kansas. We are moving to Colorado in May, along with several other families that need an alternative to chemotherapy to treat my daughters disease and their own families ailments.
This may not affect you but it affects a lot of Kansans. I am ashamed of the reception Topeka gave the disabled vets and Kansans that showed up to support Senator David Haley. The security guards and even some of the politicians made fun of the people that showed up.
I fought for my state and my country. Do you fight for Kansans or your own agenda?
I have worked as a Director of Nursing in the top Nursing Home in Kansas. I lost that job after 4 years due to undiagnosed diabetes… a result of contaminated water from Camp Lejeune and my deployments. I sacrificed. I have lost jobs standing up for the little guy. Would you do the same? It seems politicians hammer the same issues year after year.
Abortion is very important, but what about my 7 year old taking dangerous chemotherapy for Crohn’s disease? 18,000 dollars a dose. There are double-blind placebo studies showing the efficacy. I know Kansas is not big in Science, which is a shame. Most of the politicians believe the world is 2000 years old. The fact is, Cannabis has been used for over 10,000 years if you believe in science and Carbon 14 dating.
Please reconsider. ALL the other states are making this a priority for the sick and dying. Have you ever held a dying person’s hand? I have held hundreds as a registered nurse. Many, without adequate pain relief because the opiates cause nausea or don’t work. If you give too much, it will kill the person. Cannabis works on the Human Bodies endocannabinoid system. It does not affect the center of the brain that controls vital organs. You cannot stop breathing from injesting it.
The science is there. Senator David Haley needs some help. Why do republicans and democrats fight eachother like children? It only hurts the people you are charged with supporting and protecting.
Please, reconsider your stance. Kansas has already been the laughing stock of the nation for several ridiculous bills you ALL have wasted money on, such as the LGBT discrimination bill. It’s hypocritical to say SB9 would cost too much money.
Thank you Senator,
Emery Myers, Corporal-ret. USMC 1990-1994 and disabled vet!
Final letter after I sent 2 more pleading for her to at least let the bill have a chance in the legislature:
Dear Senator Mary Pilcher Cook,
I guess my service as a Marine, defending your freedom doesn’t warrant a response. My service as a registered nurse in the state of Kansas doesn’t warrant a response. I guess you have made your mind up on SB9, despite 70% of Kansans support the bill.
Burying your head in the sand doesn’t change the fact that Kansans use this medicine. I will not email you again. I will email other “conservative” Senators that respond and act. I will also contact the White House. I recieve responses from them.
Politics and the care of the sick and dying are sad to say the least in Kansas. My family, along with many other families that have already moved, will be moving to Colorado this summer after my wife graduates top of her class with her masters degree as an advanced practice registered nurse.
Again, religion and your personal views should not influence your decision to allow SB9 a fair hearing. I run several successful blogs and am a member of at least 5 organizations that represent veterans and Marines. I will be sure to seek support from those organizations also.
I serve 8 years for my country and you cannot even respond to a legitimate email. My 7 year old daughter has severe Crohns, I am a disabled vet. I guess in your book that doesn’t count. I will continue to fight as any Marine would.
If you are a bible thumper, do you know Genesis? You might want to read that again.
Emery Myers, Corporal USMC-ret and nationally certified registered nurse.
I called her office and left a polite message weeks ago. No call back. I have sent her letters. No reply. This is government at its finest. The other Senators that replied want nothing to do with this bill. They use political terms and state it isn’t in their power or “no comment”. 70% of Kansans want medical marijuana. The government won’t listen to the people. This is a trend that is becoming more evident and more serious with all issues. We need to end this trend and quit electing these types of career politicians. Senatory Mary Pilcher Cook doesn’t even have education in health care. She was a publisher of software!
Please help me send this bible-thumping Senator a clear message. Please email her at: Mary.PilcherCook@senate.ks.gov and let her know that her treatment of her constituents is not acceptable. Please. You can copy and paste my first letter if you like and send that to her.
Please also click Uncle Sam on this website to sign the petition for Cannabis reform. Give patients a choice! Give Americans a choice.
Written by Emery Myers

I’m Fine.

Depression leaves you uncomfortable in your own skin
I’m Fine. I take the right pills the doctor prescribed. I am fine. Inside, I am not, but you will never know.

We all get asked “are you okay?” by loved ones or friends, and we give stock answers like “I’m fine” and “Don’t worry about me, I’m good.” Are these answers truthful? For some people they are. Other people…not so much. It’s just a self-defense mechanism that has been learned from a lack of an emotionally supportive childhood.

Adults that were abused as children often have feelings of worthlessness, low self-esteem and long periods of depression. Often these fellow human-beings are prescribed medications that become a necessity, because quitting them leaves you with terrible withdrawal symptoms, which are worse than being on the medication. These “medicines” leave you apathetic with an empty feeling deep inside of you, that seems as though it will never be filled with anything, but sadness, rage, hopelessness and a poor image of self.

Many people abused as children, suffer many medical conditions during adulthood. Many contemplate and even plan suicide, often, if not a good part of the day. Abused Adult Children (AAC) are NOT more likely to abuse their own children, that is just a cruel theory invented by some dipshit with a fancy degree hanging on his wall.

The truth you ask? Well, it is individual and different for everyone. Some people NEVER recover from the abuse. I know that AACs are more likely to have pain, especially in the gastrointestinal and pelvic areas. I know these individuals are prone to isolation and a total lack of self-esteem. Many times these individuals feel it is always their fault, no matter the situation. These adults, abused as children, always make apologies for their actions. Many have issues with intimacy and even sexual dysfunction over the abuse.

Men, especially, don’t usually tell about their abuse as a child, especially if it was sexual abuse. Men in the American culture always have been taught to be stoic…seldom do they speak of past abuse or they simply have blacked it out. Men feel it is something that shouldn’t be spoken of, or any emotion given to it… after all, that might be considered weakness, and in America, men shouldn’t be weak, right?

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very common in this classification of person. PTSD results in anxiety, panic attacks and long bouts of depression. Many give up trying to speak of it because it would indicate weakness in their eyes. PTSD is a sad condition. The hyper-startle response or lack of any startle response. PTSD sufferers may have flashbacks, obsessive thoughts and violent nightmares. These nightmares may include pieces of the abuse that occurred as a child. 22 veterans commit suicide EVERY day in America. Think about it, that’s almost 1 veteran, every hour, every day, every year!

If you feel you have depression, please seek medical help. If you feel you suffer from PTSD from past traumatic experiences, please seek help.

If you want to take the depression quiz, please click HERE.

There is a natural medication that has been shown to effectively treat PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. If you want more information on this, click HERE.

I am not selling anything or giving medical advice. I am a registered nurse and a veteran of Desert Storm, having served 8 years and honorably discharged. I know of a natural medicine that is so more effective at treating PTSD, anxiety and depression but the federal government and many states make it a crime to pursue a life of happiness. Please support all with PTSD, including our war heroes and sign my petition for the compassionate use of medicinal cannabis in treating these disorders. Just click the button below.

SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN'T. IT's not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!
SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN’T. IT’s not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!


Article written by Emery Myers



Marijuana Ballot Initiatives Get Out the Vote! Voters Want Medical Marijuana overwhelmingly across the country!

Medical Marijuana and Crohn's Disease...Please watch the video. It will change your mind on medical cannabis!
Medical Marijuana treats Crohn’s Disease, Diabetes, MS, Glaucoma, Cancer and so much more. Sign the petition below and vote yes to freedom!

The latest round of Battleground polls by George Washington Rick ScottUniversity found respondents (nationally) would be 40% “much more likely” to visit the voting booth if marijuana’s legalization status was on the ballot. Thirty percent of respondents would be “somewhat” more likely as well. This brings the numbers up to a total of about 70% of voters who would be more likely to vote this fall if marijuana was in question.

Considering midterm elections have historically had low voter turnout, politicians are keeping a watchful eye on those states that have marijuana policy initiatives in the upcoming election. The results are promising for Democrats, because they tend to have a rougher time than Republicans in getting voters out in non-presidential election years.

The study goes on to show that 76 percent of liberals said they would be more likely to vote if marijuana was on the ballot, compared to a 64 percent for conservatives and 61 percent for moderates.

For instance, in Florida, Republican Governor Rick Scott’s reelection campaign says the “spillover effect” from high voter turnout because of the medical marijuana ballot question threatens to weigh the scales against him. In fact, the state’s Republicans feel so threatened that they have filed a legal challenge to keep the referendum off the ballot.

“It’s an issue that the Democrats can use to pump up the youth vote,” said Alex Patton, a Republican political consultant and pollster based in Gainesville, Florida. “The politics of it are dangerous for the GOP.”

Please take a second to sign the Federal Cannabis and Compassion act by clicking on the Petition Button!

SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN'T. IT's not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!
SIGN THE PETITION FOR ALL THOSE WHO CAN’T. IT’s not up to us what treatment an individual American feels works best for them and theirs! Thats Freedom!

- See more at: http://blog.mpp.org/