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Don’t Judge My Personal Beliefs and My First Amendment Rights! by Emery Myers

Don’t Judge My Personal Beliefs and My First Amendment Rights!

Written by Emery Myers

May 5, 2014

Bob Marley Judgement
Bob Marley was a man of peace and love. I echo his very wise words. Image courtesy of Google Images.

First, I would like to start by stating, I HAVEN’T MADE ANY MONEY OFF THIS BLOG. I have not received a single dime and I don’t plan on making any money from this blog. I have paid more than I will make. Bloggers don’t make a lot of money unless they are very established, and even then, it’s usually not a “lot” of money. I am not writing stories for anymore than entertainment, self-expression and my right to exercise the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, which I paid to defend in blood, sweat and tears.

Secondly, I am very passionate about certain subjects. Many of the subjects I have written about, I have personal experience with such as PTSD and Depression, but some automatically assume the article is about them. I hope my article do speak to some of you, but I would never use another person’s name without their express permission in my articles about subjects like these.

I am passionate about ending the American Human Rights Travesty known as the War on Drugs. I am passionate about the homeless rate and homeless people in the U.S. and I am passionate about medical marijuana being legal for all who suffer from disease and mental illness, under a doctor’s supervision. If you don’t agree with these items, you probably will not like a lot of the content I write.

Congress Shall Make NO LAW...First Amendment of the Constitution. Image Crtsy Google Img
Congress Shall Make NO LAW…First Amendment of the Constitution. Image courtesy of Google Images.

 Some stories may seem crazy, others are scientifically backed with references. Some are humor for adults and that is all.  My views are not your views, of course. I believe in the First Amendment and I also believe in respecting other people’s viewpoints. If you don’t like my articles, please, don’t read them. I don’t write my articles to offend anyone. If you do like them, please, keep coming back! We are all individuals and all add color to the palate of this planet!

I am an advocate for people. If I see someone suffering, I try to help. If I see a homeless person, I don’t think “why don’t they get a job“. I think to myself “life must be really hard for them“. I realize that they may have physical or mental illness that are untreated. I realize they are people, just as equal as any ONE of us. I realize that anyone of us could be in their same, exact situation regardless if we believe so or not.

Where is homelessness getting worse? As you can see, Kansas is at the top of where homelessness is getting worse! Image courtesy of Google Images
Where is homelessness getting worse? As you can see, Kansas is at the top of where homelessness is getting worse! Image courtesy of Google Images

I stopped to speak to a homeless man in my city recently. I live in Kansas, and Kansas is a state with one of the largest growths in homelessness. The homeless man was waiting for disability, (which takes a LONG time to get) and after speaking to him, he needs it, absolutely. It saddened me to see people posting things on Facebook about this individual. People are so judgmental of others at times. With the million-dollar churches in our small town of 48,000, I would think someone could help him a little more. Churches have to keep that collection plate full though, I am sure the operating costs of some of these Gargantuan Churches makes charitable work hard for them to do… ~sarcasm intended! Why don’t the churches take care of the poor and homeless? Some have pseudo fund-raisers but their actions speak much more than their words. It seems the smallest, poorest churches do the most for fellow human-beings. I guess that is a metaphor for life these days.

Homeless Veterans in America. The cold, hard facts about the way our government treats it's military veterans after they are of no use to the government. #PTSD
Homeless Veterans in America. The cold, hard facts about the way our government treats its military veterans after they are of no use to the government. #PTSD Image courtesy of Google Images.

Do you know how many veterans are homeless? It’s a pandemic in the United States and PTSD is very real. Kindness not judgement is what I try to live by. Judgement isn’t my job but I can certainly give a homeless person a few bucks or buy them a meal. It sets a great example for my children also. I have noticed many people are almost angry at the homeless. I don’t understand that reaction to a human being that is out of options.

Black Americans Pay the Price Still in America. Black people are much more likely to go to prison for minor, non-violent drug offenses and they use drugs at the same rate or less than caucasian people. This is a great, racist hypocrisy in America. Image courtesy of Google Images.

I also fight for freedoms and to end the ruthless War on Drugs. I am an advocate for Medical Marijuana in a state that is so red, I have lost friends, family, been accused of being a “stoner”, name-called and even had death wished upon me FROM A (former now) FAMILY MEMBER! It has been crazy. Just because I exercise my rights in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I feel that I have earned those rights by fighting for my country as a U.S. Marine.

This is a picture of me in my Marine Corps Dress Blues right before the war in Iraq started.
This is a picture of me in my Marine Corps Dress Blues right before the war in Iraq started.

I have even had family members insult my honorable service of a total of 8 years in the Marine Corps. I no longer talk to those people and will not talk to them again. I can be kind but I also have pride and wisdom enough to stay away from a hornet’s nest full of angry, hypocritical people. This case, very religious people who only see the world through their own rose-colored lenses!

I don’t support the NRA but I do support the Second Amendment as it is written. Many Americans have never read it, they just know it has to do with gun ownership and the “right to bear arms”, but do not understand the Amendment themselves. This is absolutely dangerous.

I carry on though, questioning if it is worth it. Maybe it isn’t?  Nobody really reads any of the articles I write anyways. I just want to be part of a positive change for people out there suffering. I want people to have options to treat their diseases without fear of being put in prison or dying in a jail cell like this Kansas woman (click this link for KC Star Article):                 Brenda Sewell Dies in Jail Cell for small amount of cannabis. This happened very recently IN KANSAS!

A 58-year-old woman is dead over a little bit of a plant! Is that justice? Is that what the war on drugs is protecting us from? She is dead because of the WAR ON DRUGS! She is dead because the police did not give a sick woman her medications. She was a mother, daughter, sister… an American! Dead because she was getting medicine for her painful conditions and disease processes. This is a tragedy, already forgotten or never even heard of by most Kansans and Americans!

Ms. Sewell is another victim of the travesty known as the “War on Drugs”. This 40 year war has killed, injured and imprisoned millions making the U.S. the Prison Nation of the World amongst its peers. Here is why we are the LEADER in incarcerated Americans:

President Nixon's racist war on the poor started the industry of incarceration in the United States. An almost impeached crook started this war that has spanned 4 decades!
President Nixon’s racist war on the poor started the industry of incarceration in the United States. An almost impeached crook started this war that has spanned 4 decades! Image courtesy of Google Images.

The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the worlds prisoners. Does anyone really think this is okay? The War on Drugs has ruined so many 1st time, non-violent offenders lives, and their families’ lives. I am talking NON-VIOLENT offenders. I believe, if violence is part of the crime, then absolutely the perpetrator needs to go through the judicial process. The 18-year-old kid that gets sentenced for a first offence that is non-violent sale of a very small amount of marijuana… that is a whole different story. Many will get a decade in prison for a small amount of a plant because of mandatory minimum sentencing.

Why wouldn’t I fight to protect democracy? I have been doing so since I joined the Marine Corps at age 17 through the delayed entry program, as a senior in high school.

Democracy majority rules
Democracy majority rules right? We all know that the system of government doesn’t operate this way. If it did, we would have much more freedom to pursue happiness and health! Image courtesy of Google Images

Homelessness and the war on drugs go hand in hand. The War on Drugs has been nothing more than a War on the Poor… a Racist war on the poor…the homeless…the people with nobody to advocate for them!

This homeless veteran of Vietnam served his country proudly as a Marine. Where is his country now?
This homeless veteran of Vietnam served his country proudly as a Marine. Where is his country now? This should NOT EVER happen in America. The U.S. Government took this man’s life with a war over communism? What did that war accomplish. I wish I could ask the Marine in this picture. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Here is another story out of hundreds, even thousands of first time, non-violent offenders either being injured or dying after being arrested for misdemeanor cannabis possession. No violence, just simply using a plant. Here is a video of a 22-year-old man who died within 24 hours of turning himself in for Misdemeanor marijuana possession:

I can post more, but you can also do an easy search on these tragic losses due to the 40 year war on drugs. Click the link if you want more information.

In closing, I would like to thank all of my true friends and family members for supporting my first amendment rights. I would like to thank all those who follow my blog. It means the world to me. I would also like to thank all of the veterans and veteran’s families for the sacrifices you have made, continue to make and will make in the future. Our poor and middle-class fight the wars for the rich in this country, but we do it with pride and dignity, unlike the politicians and ultra-rich that use us for their career and monetary gain. Thanks again!

Please take time to sign this MoveOn.org petition to #endthewarondrugs Just click the button and sign!

Please click and sign our petition to decriminalize a medicinal plant, cannabis and allow patients safe access to a medicine that has been used for more than 5000 years by humans. Please help end the racist war on the poor! #endthewarondrugs

Thanks again and Semper Fidelis,

Emery Myers

All images except my Marine Corps photo are from Google Images and this web-blog and myself have no ownership of these photos.

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Full…Metal…Jacket….Joker….”Lock and Load” For JarHeads and Devil Dogs and anybody who loves a Marine!

Full…Metal…Jacket….Joker….”Lock and Load”

written by Emery Myers


Full Metal Jacket Helmet: Peace Be With You!
Full Metal Jacket Helmet:

Peace and a machine-gun! That is American…the “duality of man” as Stanley Kubrick’s 1987 Movie “Full Metal Jacket” implies, rather napalm-like! In your face and real, the first segment is unbelievably realistic to any of us old-time Marine Corps Veterans! Stanley Kubrick NAILED IT in the boot camp portion!

Get Some! U.S. Marine from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Full Metal Jacket GIF courtesy of Google Images
Get Some! U.S. Marine from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Full Metal Jacket GIF courtesy of Google Images

The movie is about a pragmatic U.S. Marine that observes the dehumanizing effects the U.S.-Vietnam War has on his fellow recruits from their brutal Marine Corps Boot Camp Training to the bloody street fighting in Hue.

This movie is a two-segmented look at the effect of the military mindset and war itself on Vietnam-Era-MARINES.

Private Pyle and the Best Scene of the Movie! image courtesy Google Images
Private Pyle and the Best Scene of the Movie! image courtesy Google Images.           Hard to believe that is Vincent D’onofrio playing the famous “Private Pyle”!

Vincent Philip D’Onofrio (born June 30, 1959) is an American actor, director, film producer, writer, and singer.  An accomplished character actor, he has been referred to as “The Human Chameleon” and is often referred to as an actor’s actor. He is known for his roles as Private Leonard Lawrence (“Gomer Pyle“) in the war film Full Metal Jacket, “Edgar” in Men in Black and Detective Robert Goren in the crime TV series Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Article from HeRe.

Marine Corps Gunny Bitch Slap... R. Lee Ermy plays a Drill Instrutctor...
Marine Corps Gunny Bitch Slap… R. Lee Ermey plays a Drill Instrutctor…

Ronald Lee Ermey (born March 24, 1944) is an American actor, best known for his role as the austere Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, which earned him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. He is a retired U.S. Marine and an honorary Gunnery Sergeant; during his tenure in the U.S. Marine Corps, he served as a drill instructor. This is why Full Metal Jacket is so historically correct on the Boot Camp segment…because that IS what Marine Boot Camp is really like!

Ermey has often been typecast for the roles of authority figures, such as Mayor Tilman in the film Mississippi BurningBill Bowerman in Prefontaine,Sheriff Hoyt in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, Jimmy Lee Farnsworth in Fletch Lives, Police Captain in Sevenplastic army men leaderSarge in the Toy Story films, and the Warden in SpongeBob SquarePants.

He has hosted two programs on the History ChannelMail Call, in which he answered viewers’ questions about various militaria both modern and historic; and Lock N’ Load with R. Lee Ermey, which focused on the development of different types of weapons. More info on R. Lee Ermey HeRe!

Marine style haircut! I know, I've had MANY!
Marine style haircut! I know, I’ve had MANY!

Screech….”Get the F#ck on my beloved Marine Corps Footsteps maggots!” Soon after fresh recruits here this phrase, in the middle of the night, recruits get their first Marine Corps Haircut! If you have any moles, they take them right off for ya! Ouch! I enjoyed watching the idiots with “mullets” and “rat-tails” the most, hey, what can I say, it was the early 1990s! Some of them actually cried! They learned quick not to cry after that!

J-O-K-E-R----7.62 millimeter...
J-O-K-E-R—-7.62 millimeter…

Joker almost met his maker before he even went to Vietnam! Marine Corps Boot Camp lasts 3.5 months. The longest Boot Camp of all services. The Army is 2 months.

After Marines got out of Boot Camp, during my time, we went to another 4+ weeks of Marine Combat Training. Every Marine is a basic rifleman first! The Marine Corps is the smallest, most elite fighting force in the world! That’s why Marines have always been despised by the Army. Basic Rifleman Marines, which, all Marines are basic riflemen, are more elite than the Army airborne and all other Army special forces. This is simple fact. Force Recon Marines TRAIN Navy Seals! You never hear about this because you never hear about the Marines…thats how Marines operate and once you have earned the title Marine, this survivalistic, sometimes brutally aggressive quality, keeps you and yours safe! The United States Marine Corps made us what we are…Devil Dogs! Semper Fidelis…Always Faithful! First to go and the last to leave!

Devil Dogs…a title given to us by the Nazis! They named us this due to our relentless attack… our obsessive behavior imprinted on our Marine Corps brains during boot camp…our disciplined and horrific attacks…Fighting as we are possessed by all that is unholy…The Marines!

The Marine Corps is the only branch in the United States that CAN be sent to battle WITHOUT AN ACT OF CONGRESS! That’s because Marines are all Killers. That is what Marines do. This is why you don’t see fat Marines. If you drive onto any Army base, you will see fat Army personnel. Marines are held to higher standards, in every facet of the Marines training and lives! Discipline that was whipped into me, made me a United States Marine! OOH-RAH!!! Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters!

Gunny DI You Will Not Laugh
The most famous REAL Marine Corps Drill Instructor, Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Long Live the Marines! Semper Fidelis Brothers and Sisters!

Thank you also to all that serve and have served. Thank you to the Army, AirForce, Navy, Coast-Guard and Marines! I hope you enjoyed these Full Metal Jacket gifs and short blog!

Emery Myers

Laney the Crohn's Warrior. Image courtesy of www.darwinsrightleftwing.com

Update on Laney’s Battles! Petition at end of article friends!

Originally posted on WWW.DarwinsRightLeftWing.com:

Update on Laney’s Battles!
Laney and her Yorkie, Kia. These two are inseparable. Kia might as well have Crohn's disease as she spends hours everyday in the bathroom with Laney!
Laney and her Yorkie, Kia. These two are inseparable. Kia might as well have Crohn’s disease as she spends hours everyday in the bathroom with Laney!

Please, if you are a parent, please sign this petition. Marijuana is a diverse plant with MANY beneficial properties. My daughter is taking a dangerous chemo drug for her Crohn’s Disease. She is only 7. It will leave her sterile and further injure her liver. Please help her. Please help ALL Kansans with Chronic Illness and Pain without voices. Please sign this all important, historic petition. Stand and scream! Make your voices so loud that the House and Senate WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO US!

Part 2 of her story is here: Laney’s Story of Living with Crohn’s Disease.

Marijuana strains are rich in THC, or the “psychoactive component”. Some Marijuana strains are high the CBDs, the chemicals without…

View original 92 more words

Cannabis Treating Crohn's Disease

Marijuana Put My Crohn’s Disease Into Remission and It’s Not A Joke! A story of truth and inspiration!

Marijuana Put My Crohn’s Disease Into Remission and It’s Not A Joke

Marijuana Put My Crohn’s Disease Into Remission and It’s Not A Joke

Marijuana Put My Crohn’s Disease Into Remission and It’s Not A Joke

I usually do not want to talk about having Crohn’s Disease. It is just a reality I have lived with for nine years, but never exactly dinner table discussion or an amusing anecdote shared with friends over drinks. It has been not just a major inconvenience in my life; it has altered its course significantly. The subject is emotionally difficult to explain. It’s personal. For lack of a better word, unpleasant.

I feel compelled to share now, although I don’t really want to, because a new study has proven smoked marijuana has a near 100% success rate in putting Crohn’s Disease into remission. I am sick of everyone making jokes about my involvement in the marijuana legalization movement; I’m sick of having to stay quiet about what I do around family or in public for fear or upsetting someone’s delicate sensibilities about “drugs” like marijuana. Let me tell you a thing or two about drugs, marijuana and Crohn’s Disease. It’s not a joke and it is not about “getting high” for me.

It is difficult to explain to people what Crohn’s is, because it involves the digestive system and people like to just think it is IBS. It is not IBS. It’s especially hard to explain because the causes are unknown; it is a chronic illness that was only given a name in 1932.

Genetic factors can signal its onset, but I had no such forewarning. My mom was adopted in the 1960s, when laws pertaining to adoption allowed all records, including medical, to remain locked—even fifty years after the laws have changed. Some digging produced some vague birth records showing a great-grandmother and some other distant biological relatives who died of their intestines exploding inside of them. My doctors urged me to find family members who had the illness so they could try to find patterns. We found my biological grandmother in Pennsylvania, but she wanted nothing to do with either me or my family and refused to provide any medical records.

I began fasting in middle school, but I didn’t start seriously starving myself to the point of illness until my sophomore year of high school. Not the point of this article, so I am not going in depth. Some people believe malnutrition can be a trigger for those who carry the gene. I think so, too. By my senior year I was in such terrible pain I would double over crying at night, unable to sleep. A nutritionist my doctor sent me to said it was my vegetarian diet and I needed more protein. I started puking everything I ate. The starving became involuntary.

The day I graduated high school all the other kids were lined up ready to process into the auditorium and talking about their college plans, I was sitting against a wall trying to regain my composure to get up and walk across the stage with everyone else, biting on my own hand to get through the pain so hard I broke skin. That summer before college was pretty miserable. I was in and out of doctors’ offices while trying to make plans to move over 300 miles away for college.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease three days before I moved into the dorms at San Francisco State. I spent much of my first semester in my dorm bed under mounds of blankets with the heat blasting because I couldn’t eat food and I just never could get warm. As it turned out, I had a blockage in my large intestine that had caused inflammation, which in turn shut my whole body down.

I was desperately trying to maintain a normal social life just after moving to a brand new place and without friends. That November before going to a dinner party a co-worker was throwing, I decided to shower and get ready in our shared hall bathrooms. I got in the shower and shivered so hard I couldn’t stop shaking. I kept turning the knob higher and higher until my skin was lobster red and near blistering. Though I had begun to burn my skin, I couldn’t feel it. I reluctantly got out of the shower and moved into a stall to put my clothes on. As I zipped up the back of my dress I started to get dizzy. I clutched a wall for a moment, telling myself to keep it together, before I collapsed on the concrete floor.

A couple of minutes later a girl from down the hall found me on the floor, lifted me up and walked me back to my room. The first thing I said was “don’t tell my mom, I have a party to go to tonight…” before passing out in the bed again. Thankfully, she and my roommate ignored my suggestion and found my mom’s number in my cell. She told them to take me to the hospital immediately.

When I got there, the doctor was ready to do emergency surgery to remove the blockage.  I stubbornly pleaded with the doctors to find another way – after all, I had this crazy idea I was going to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in only three years and it was late in the semester to be dropping my classes for a surgery. The surgeons kept a tube snaked through my nose and esophagus to my stomach for two days while it drained the bile built up behind the blockage to the point of turning toxic. The buildup had triggered anemia, which in turn caused the coldness and fainting.

Luckily, the doctor who treated me knew a specialist and major researcher in the field at UCSF, a world-renowned medical research school.

The specialist removed the tube, allowing me to speak aloud for the first time in days (until then I had been communicating via slips of paper I handed my mom, littered with obscenities directed towards the nurses and other doctors). We agreed to do the surgery over spring break in March as long as I promised to take the prescribed medications and my condition didn’t worsen.

I started taking a lot of pills. I was always the youngest person by at least 40 years in my local pharmacy. One of the pills, Asacol, I seemed to be taking all day with no perceived benefit. The one that stood out the worst for me though—Prednisone. Prednisone is a steroid used to reduce inflammation and is typically prescribed to people suffering with arthritis. It caused me to gain 10 pounds of water weight almost immediately. When I stood up to walk to class I would have sloshly ankles within minutes, so I started taking a shuttle to the other end of campus when I became unable to make the walk. My otherwise clear skin broke out in a bad way. I had mood swings; any little thing would set me off crying or picking fights. I remember one particularly depressing Friday night when the dorms were abuzz with partiers and I was watching Oprah with my feet propped up and crying into a carton of strawberry ice cream like a pregnant woman.

I made it to March, miserably, and then I went in for surgery. Because I was only 18-years-old they wanted to do what they could to not to scar up my body too much, so they did the surgery laparoscopically (with lasers) and pulled the damaged part of my intestine out through my belly button and glued it back together. While this procedure avoided any major scarring, to this day my skin’s misalignment becomes apparent when I gain and lose weight, which I do constantly because… I have Crohn’s Disease.

I came out of the surgery a little angry. A nurse commented to me that the surgery was more painful than childbirth so it should be a breeze when I start popping them out. Why the hell would an 18-year-old who just had their body torn open even give a fuck about childbirth?! I think it was her way of telling me it was okay that I was constantly tapping at the morphine drip button they put in my hand. I was using it to put myself to sleep. I was even angrier when they started telling me about all the meds they wanted to give me and when they told me that I had an 80% chance of having to do this again in two years, and AGAIN two years after that until I would eventually have to carry a bag because I didn’t have enough intestine left. Fucking gross, I wasn’t going to accept it. The doctors painted a very bleak and expensive picture of my future, right when it was just getting started.

“The doctors painted a very bleak and expensive picture of my future, right when it was just getting started.”

I had smoked marijuana regularly in high school, Proposition 215 had already passed but there were no medical marijuana clubs in my conservative, rural, part of California. We still had to buy our marijuana from shady street dealers. I felt so cool and so terrified at the same time going to buy marijuana with a friend the very first time. I think the guy we bought it from was part of a local gang.

Moving to San Francisco and seeing the dispensary and medical card ads in the back of the free weeklies was a revelation. I was nervous about getting a medical marijuana recommendation because of the rumors I heard about government watch lists. But I knew I  didn’t want to take any more of those pills, the effects of the pills were worse than the actual Crohn’s both mentally and physically.

I also had classmates at Journalism school chastise me for wanting to write about medical marijuana, like it was some funny joke. I stopped telling people about it unless they were already “in the know.”

My first “pot doctor” put me at ease immediately. He started telling me how I should use it for my Crohn’s Disease, how it would help me stop the pills and actually feel better. He made me feel normal, comfortable. I got to ask him all the questions my traditional doctors wouldn’t answer and he answered honestly. He said there needed to be more studies, but from what he was seeing with other people like me, marijuana was working. I asked my doctor at UCSF about it on the next visit, she briefly said she had heard encouraging things but she couldn’t recommend marijuana to me. Politics, you understand.

Over the years I researched holistic medicine and integrated that into my daily routine. I also smoked a lot of pot. I would be lying if I said I only smoked pot to ease the pain. Sometimes I smoke pot because I like it. Sometimes my brain is just as sick as my body and it feels good to do something to help myself instead of relying on everyone else.

“I would be lying if I said I only smoked pot to ease the pain. Sometimes I smoke pot because I like it, sometimes my brain is just as sick as my body and it feels good to do something to help myself instead of relying on everyone else.”

This March marked eight years since my surgery and this August will mark nine since my diagnosis. I show no signs of needing surgery again in the foreseeable future. My health is one hundred percent attributable to my decision to ignore everyone’s discouragement years ago and replace all those drugs with marijuana.

Besides the occasional Crohn’s complication (it is an autoimmune disease so I get all kinds of bizarre symptoms through germs I come in contact with, everything from the common cold to shingles and inflamed eyes), I am healthy and have been able to live an otherwise normal life because of my choice.

Like I said, this is a story I have never wanted to tell, but one I now think is important to share. People still go to jail for marijuana. All across the country military-style SWAT raids are conducted on peaceful people because of marijuana. I bet at your dinner table with your “straight” friends and family you still won’t talk about it because they don’t want to hear it or you are afraid of getting busted. Weed isn’t just hippies, nag champa and reggae music. It’s how people like me—your friend, a person you may have met casually, your family, your coworker, your teenage daughter buying pot from a drug dealer—get through life, which is after all, what we are all really trying to do, right?

If you found this story inspiring or, just enough to change your mind for chronically ill patients to have a choice about their treatment, please sign the petition below!

Please sign the petition.

Please sign the Cannabis Compassion and Care petition. The link is directly below.

To sign the Cannabis Compassion and Care Petition allowing Safe, Legal Access to Americans, CLICK HERE.

Original article from: http://www.ladybud.com/2013/05/15/marijuana-put-my-crohns-disease-into-remission-and-its-not-a-joke/

Landon and Laney Brown Belts 030

Laney the Crohn’s Warrior: Part 2. Please also SIGN the PETITION for Laney and for all chronically ill Kansans! Please, this Father begs you…written by Emery Myers

Laney TaeKwonDo Champion Second Chrons Warrior First
Crohn’s Disease Warrior First!!!         Laney is a Brown-Belt Taekwondo champion second!
Part 2 of Laney’s life and Crohn’s Disease. The story of a true champion. The story of Laney! Laney, the Crohn’s Warrior.
Warrior I Will Stay Strong I Will Fight I Will Win
Laney is presently bleeding inside. She bleeds through damaged areas in her large intestine. She is not in remission now, even though she takes Azothiaprine, 100miligrams per day. She is fighting… fighting pain, fatigue, nausea, depression, anxiety, herself…at 7 years old! No 7-year-old should have to be subjected to this but Laney doesn’t think this way. She is positive and optimistic on the outside but I know she is terrified on the inside! She is just TOO TOUGH to let anyone smell the fear, the pain, deep inside her tiny, damaged tummy.
Azothiaprine DESTROYS Laney’s immune system. Why, you may ask does she take the drug then? It is the lesser of 2 evils at this time. Azothiaprine puts her immune system in a “head-lock”, if you will, preventing her tummy from being attacked, in specific, her gastrointestinal system.
The problem is, it is a very TOXIC chemical, continually damaging  her small master organ, her liver! Presently, Laney has lab drawn weekly to make sure her liver is tolerating the DRUG…the FDA approved Killer Drug. If this drug continues to cause problems, then Laney will be faced with intravenous chemotherapy, which increases her chances of various cancers to 11%! She is only 7…
Crohn’s is the WORST auto-immune disease affecting the entire GI tract from the mouth to the anus. Crohn’s Disease causes many severe problems in the GI tract and can attack anywhere along the GI tract.
FOR more Crohn’s Information click HERE.
Despite Laney losing 3 pounds in the last two weeks, which took her 6 months to gain, she recently earned her Brown Belt in Traditional #TaeKwonDo
This is one “Belt” below Black Belt!
She tested in front of the Grand Master, Sun-Yi and performed as if she were a “healthy” 7-year-old…but she is not. Her large intestine, swollen, oozing mucus and scarlet-red, life-giving blood, her large intestine was causing her SEVERE pain. Severe pain, hidden, while she methodically and gracefully worked through her perfected TaeKwonDo forms, alongside her big brother, Landon!
Landon and Laney Brown Belts
Landon snaps a quick punch in the background, while Laney strikes the enemy in the foreground! Landon and Laney are “thick as thieves” they are! Landon is the same rank in TaeKwonDo as the mighty, little Laney. The difference is Landon is a couple of years older than Laney and he is a very healthy boy!
   Laney completely hid the pain during Taekwondo Testing. The constant aching and stabbing sensations in the lower abdomen was a perpetual reminder she can’t ever escape from Crohn’s Disease.
The bloated belly feels full and urgent, constantly, but you wouldn’t know if you looked at Laney performing her “Forms” perfectly. Sparring like she has the spirit of a Lioness in her…I think she does!
"Spirit of a Lioness" by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney's inner spirit...Laney is a Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER...A WARRIOR!
“Spirit of a Lioness” by Simbamarasa, reminds me of Laney’s inner spirit…Laney is a  Young Lioness! Brave, Powerful, Intelligent and a FIGHTER…A WARRIOR!
Laney is NOT responding well, at all, to the drug Azothiaprine. She has elevations in her liver enzymes, 5 times the normal level, which indicates moderate to severe liver damage. She was reduced on her Azothiaprine dosage, and 1 month later, her Crohn’s is out of remission…BACK with a vengeance, attacking our perfect, kind, beautiful, and intelligent       “Laney-Bug”!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming!
Laney and her big-brother Landon, holding their Brown Belt Certifications. She smiles and on the inside, she is screaming! Nobody understands her pain and fatigue truly, but her. She hides this gargantuan part of her life, to protect her family, her mother and father, from the worry!
Information on alternative, natural medication to treat Crohn’s Disease right here! Click Here
I am Laney’s father. I am also a Registered Nurse, with years of higher education. Proudly, I am also a father of 4 total kids, and a grandfather of 1, beautiful, baby girl!
I suffer from insulin dependent diabetes and diabetic neuropathy in my feet, fingers, and legs mostly. Pain medication prescribed by my doc, does not work and has awful side effects. It is the only choice I have living in Kansas. I am a law abiding citizen. I don’t break the law! So, I have to continue using the BIG Pharmacy medications, endorsed by our far right wing republicans in Kansas!
Kansas is ultra-conservative. So conservative that the state is voting on bills that would legalize discrimination against the LGBT community and… Kansas is voting on a bill to SPANK kids in school until their bottoms are red right now!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to and Need to get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9!
Kansas has put the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act in the trash can for the past several years. The chronically ill HAVE to, and Need to, get this bill passed NOW! HB2198 and SB9! The above picture gives the potential medical marijuana patients, little hope for a more empathetic and intelligent, dare I say, scientific, Kansas House and Kansas Senate. The Kansas Government is led by Christian Extremest, Governor Sam Brownback!
The bill, HB 2198 and SB9, were introduced several years ago, the bill is the Cannabis Compassion and Care Act. If passed, patients such as Laney, could have LEGAL ACCESS to specific strains of medical marijuana.
The strains have very little THC, the psychoactive component, but high amounts of cannabinoids or CBDs. The CBDs are responsible for halting Crohn’s disease and inducing remission… complete remission!
Dr. Sanjay Gupta Explains best in this incredible documentary on the benefits, the miracle of natural plant therapy…Marijuana! The good Doctor explains why he reversed his opinion on Medical Marijuana!

Please help. Please stand up and fight with this Kansas Dad! This disabled Marine Veteran of Desert Storm, This Kansas father and grandfather… Please, for all of us. This isn’t about you and I…it’s about them…the silent majority that either can’t speak out, or are too afraid.
The disabled, the care givers, the military, anyone that could benefit from treatment, treatment with marijuana! 20 other states have enacted medical marijuana laws and 2 states have legalized it completely!
Kansas Government either won’t give Kansans freedom and choice, or will just keep doing the status-quo,                                 the “same-ol-same-ol-good-ol-boy-” political routine, which the Kansas House and Senate have practiced for the last 40 years, since President Nixon!!!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!
I am NOT a CROOK! Richard Nixon famous last words!

Please sign this petition. Don’t do it for you…Sign it for those Kansans that need the choice to use a safe, effective plant instead of deadly narcotics, pushed by Big Pharmacy and the FDA!

Click HERE to sign the petition and FORCE the terribly antiquated and hyper-conservative government to read this BILL HB2198 and SB9! The voiceless need your help and compassion. Even if you don’t agree, share this so everyone can have a choice, for themselves, for Laney, for FREEDOM!
written by Emery Myers, proudly known as “Laney’s Dad”